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Dynamics of Supersymmetric SU(n_c) and USp(2n_c) Gauge Theories

Carlino, Giuseppe and Konishi, Kenichi and Murayama, Hitoshi (2000) Dynamics of Supersymmetric SU(n_c) and USp(2n_c) Gauge Theories. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2000 . 004. ISSN 1029-8479

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We study dynamical flavor symmetry breaking in the context of a class of N=1 supersymmetric SU(n_c) and USp(2 n_c) gauge theories, constructed from the exactly solvable N=2 theories by perturbing them with small adjoint and generic bare hypermultiplet (quark) masses. We find that the flavor U(n_{f}) symmetry in SU(n_{c}) theories is dynamically broken to $U(r)\times U(n_{f}-r)$ groups for $n_f \leq n_c$. In the r=1 case the dynamical symmetry breaking is caused by the condensation of monopoles in the $\underline{n_{f}}$ representation. For general r, however, the monopoles in the $\underline{{}_{n_{f}}C_{r}}$ representation, whose condensation could explain the flavor symmetry breaking but would produce too-many Nambu--Goldstone multiplets, actually ``break up'' into ``magnetic quarks'' which condense and induce confinement and the symmetry breaking. In USp(2n_c) theories with $n_f \leq n_c + 1$, the flavor SO(2n_f) symmetry is dynamically broken to U(n_f), but with no description in terms of a weakly coupled local field theory. In both SU(n_c) and USp(2 n_c) theories, with larger numbers of quark flavors, besides the vacua with these properties, there exist also vacua with no flavor symmetry breaking.

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