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A category of compositional domain-models for separable Stone spaces

Alessi, F. and Baldan, Paolo and Honsell, F. (2000) A category of compositional domain-models for separable Stone spaces. Technical Report del Dipartimento di Informatica . Università di Pisa, Pisa, IT.

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    In this paper we introduce SFPM, a category of SFP domains which provides very satisfactory domain-models, i.e. partializations, of separable Stone spaces (2-Stone spaces). More specifically, SFPM is a subcategory of SFPep, closed under direct limits as well as many constructors, such as lifting, sum, product and Plotkin powerdomain. SFPM is structurally well behaved, in the sense that the functor MAX, which associates to each object of SFPM the Stone space of its maximal elements, is compositional with respect to the constructors above, and omega-continuous. A correspondence can be established between these constructors over SFPM and appropriate constructors on Stone spaces, whereby SFP domain-models of Stone spaces defined as solutions of a vast class of recursive equations in 2-Stone, can be obtained simply by solving the corresponding equations in SFPM. Moreover any continuous function between two 2-Stone spaces can be extended to a continuous function between any two SFPM domain-models of the original spaces. The category SFPM does not include all the SFP's with a 2-Stone space of maximal elements (CSFP's). We show that the CSFP's can be characterized precisely as suitable retracts of SFPM objects. Then the results proved for SFPM easily extends to the wider category having CSFP's as objects. Using SFPM , we explain two classical partializations of the space of finitary hypersets (the hyperuniverse N-omega [Forti, Honsell, Lenisa]) based on SFP domains (see [Abramsky], [Mislove, Moss, Oles]). We also show that these two domains are not isomorphic, thus providing a negative answer to a problem raised in [Mislove, Moss,Oles].

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    Uncontrolled Keywords: Denotational semantics, domain theory, domain models, Stone spaces.
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    Divisions: Dipartimenti (until 2012) > DIPARTIMENTO DI INFORMATICA
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